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G-Seat Regular


Perfect for women and small-to-medium frames!

G-Seat Regular

The original product -- gel-filled and fabric covered; won't compact. Pops you up as you sit so your spine is properly aligned, holding you up as it should. Folds in half, and you can carry it by the handle. Same properties as the Ultra shown above, just smaller in size and weighs less. Desk, car, even works on upholstered furniture!

Color may vary with available stock: Black or Chrome (beautiful dark metallic gray)

Price: $75.00

G-Seat Neo


Super-light and resilient ... try outdoors, in the car, anywhere!

G-seat NeoThis one is the latest, extremely lightweight and durable -- made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate, same as Crocs shoes). An extra to keep in your car, take it to ball games, picnics, or even use it inside. Designed to parallel the G-seat Regular (see above), its extra firmness is able to support larger bodies, and at one third the price of the Ultra, you might keep this one around as an extra. Also a good "starter" model -- try the product out!

Price: $40.00

G-seat Ultra Ergonomic Pad


The large G-seat for taller, larger, heavier frames!

G-seat ultra  Rotates pelvis to re-capture S-curve

  Relieves pressure on sacrum & tailbone

•  Gel & memory foam -- won't compact

  Portable -- take from home to car to office!

For anyone who sits or drives a lot or has discomfort from doing so. The Ultra is the large-model G-seat, recommended for tall people, large frames or those with lots of body mass. The forward slope tilts your pelvis to recapture the mid-back S-curve that hunching over the computer eradicates. The rear cut-out takes pressure off the sacrum/tailbone (where poor sitting posture delivers vertebral load). Equipped with a handle, the pad folds in half and can be carried anywhere (actually very stylish!) ... theater, restaurant, meetings ... settings are endless. A patented design, this cushion (unlike foam products) contains a visco-elastic gel that does not compact over time. Excellent relief for hip/back pain, particularly from those bucket seats found today in so many cars!

Color may vary with available stock: Black or Chrome (beautiful dark metallic gray)

Price: $99.00

Magnesium Chloride Spray


Magnesium chloride sprayPopular as a pain-relief remedy for sore muscles and stiff joints, magnesium chloride spray (a.k.a. magnesium "oil") is a 32% brine (saturated solution) that also transfers essential magnesium into your body.  A great way to supplement oral magnesium, and topical/transdermal application also delivers magnesium's muscle-relaxing effect exactly where you want it.  Anti-microbial, you can also use this as an inexpensive and extremely efficient underarm deodorant (will sting on the days you shave)! 

8 ounces $16

Special add-on item:  2-ounce sprayer (empty) for travel, purse and easy use  $3



Mg2+ Magnesium Cream

Magnesium creamOur body needs magnesium as much as it needs iodine (see Health tab).  An electrolyte that serves as a mediator in many biochemical processes, magnesium also relaxes tissues, alleviating muscle and joint pain.  Essential for proper neurological functionality, the most effective uptake method for magnesium is transdermal, or through the skin.

This particular magnesium cream contains rich and penetrating emollients.  Made with magnesium chloride from the ancient Zechstein sea, it doesn't sting (as does saturated magnesium oil), and it feels and smells wonderful!  Use liberally, on sore joints and muscles -- or anywhere -- and your body will appreciate it.  (With grapeseed and coconut oils, shea butter, beeswax and 14% magnesium chloride.)

3-ounce tube $10 or 8 oz. bottle with pump $24  


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Restore for Gut Biome


16 oz. $50
32 oz. $70
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Chemtrails Card

Chemtrails Fact Sheet Second Edition100 for $23
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Ergonomic G-Seat

G-seat regular

Get comfortable, relieve pain, put your spine in proper alignment!

Ultra, Regular or Lite sizes
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