From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: Part 1

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life Part 1The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology...This is the DVD version of Sofia Smallstorm's 2011 talk at Conspiracy Con. Connecting certain dots as you may not have seen before, with over 100 Powerpoint images to take you through this mind-boggling terrain. Leaving the simpler concept of aerosols (geoengineering) for weather modification aside to explore a different angle of engineering popularly called "futurism." What is the buried agenda behind robotics, genetics, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence? If we ever arrive there, as described and anticipated, what will we be? What is the meaning and scope of planetary engineering, and how much of planetary life does it include? A must-see!

Price: $20.00

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: Part 2

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life Part 2Living in the Manhattan Project...Part 1 of the "Pseudo-Life" series was about synthetic biology, Part 2 is about radiation biology. Why indeed is there an explosion of cellular technology going on in our world? What does radiation do to the body and where is our future headed if EMFs do such damage? Population control can be defined in many ways, from legislation to actually dislocating (moving) or limiting the numbers of population groups. But there are yet other angles that few are discussing, as in the very creation of life forms: once you have the building codes for nature and its species, you can design the world any way you want it! The presence of Morgellons syndrome in humans may illustrate what nanotechnology is capable of...another must-see talk by Sofia Smallstorm, this one given at the 2012 consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference in Los Angeles.

Price: $20.00

Funny Money 4-DVD set

Money 4-DVD setA collection that clearly explains the illusion of money, and particularly the way paper money is bankrupting the world. Includes Paul Grignon's popular animations "Money As Debt" Part 1 and 2, describing the upside-down effect of the money pyramid, as well as Bill Still's highly acclaimed "The Secret of Oz" (which actually offers solutions!). A great package explaining what we all need to know in an economy that is shrinking at the bottom and bulging at the top - and will not change as long as the system stays in place. Definitely something to share with teenagers!

Price: $40.00

9/11: A Physical Education

911 A Physical Education DVDA New York P.E. teacher takes apart the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 in this punchy presentation to a small audience on Long Island (2008). An activist who makes sure he carries government-document proof in his backpack, "Chris" is more than adept at showing skeptics that someone systematically planned the 9/11 terror attack...someone other than the "someones" we were led to believe were the culprits. Comments on YouTube: "This is the best work on 9/11 I have ever seen," and "I think it does a fantastic job of summarizing the strongest evidence we have for the crime and cover-up." Want passion? Here it is.

Price: $18.00

The Kay Griggs Interviews

Kay Griggs DVD setHere is the famous interview session conducted with Kay Griggs by Pastor Rick Strawcutter. Kay was the wife of a high-level Marine Corps colonel who revealed to her the underworld of the military and its secret elite training programs. The unedited nearly 8 hours of material contained in this 4-disc set was put on DVD in 2005; the interviews were conducted in the late 1990s. Kay Griggs' recounting of how key people among us, including world leaders, are marked as rising stars and groomed for their positions is some of the most striking whistleblower testimony to have emerged, and forms the basis for a deeper understanding of global agendas in place today.

4 DVD's $35.00

Man-Made Warming: A Convenient Untruth

Man-Made Warming DVDIs "global warming" really a huge, inconvenient man-made mess or a natural climate cycle (which in fact ended back in the late 1990s)...? There is no scientific consensus. Some 30,000 scientists are NOT in agreement with the buzz about the planet heating up due to excessive CO2 from our cars and industries. With huge storms to "prove it," global warming is now a top placeholder in the ever-growing list of global crises, and has become a cultural baseline reference. This DVD by ecosystem scientist Michael Coffman, Ph.D. offers strong counter-arguments to prevailing notions, unveiling a deeper agenda behind the worldwide push to "protect" the planet. (On other websites this DVD is titled Global Warming or Global Governance.)

Price: $18.00

Inside the Garbage of the World

Inside the Garbage of the World

An award-winning documentary about the horrific condition of plastic pollution in our oceans. Self-financed and produced by Philippe and Maxine Carillo of Ventura, California, after a walk on a local beach provided them not only with an empty garbage bag, but a load of ugly debris! Featuring ocean experts from many disciplines, including biochemists, environmentalists and local island folk whose beaches receive more than their share of trash, the film describes how plastic degrades and never disappears. Animals mistake colorful plastic for food, and it gathers inside them until it kills them...Very sad, but all this is something we need to know, that will make us LET GO OF SINGLE-USE PLASTIC - the wraps, bags, bottles we thoughtlessly handle once and toss away.There is no more away. It stays on the earth, collecting and surrounding us.  What are YOU going to do?

Price: $13.00

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