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Energy Meridians Poster

Energy Meridians posterA beautiful illustration of the body's energy meridians and an authentic Chinese medicine reference.  Designed by an acupuncturist and two artists, this poster can be framed and turned into a gorgeous addition to any room.  A real-conversation piece, it is used by professional acupuncturists and body-workers, and also as a teaching tool.

Printed on high-quality coated stock, the poster can can be framed under glass, but it also looks great in a frame without glass.  Measures 24 x 38 inches, and comes with an informational booklet on Chinese medicine. 

$30  on coated paper, ready to hang or frame


Toxic Legacy / Stephanie Seneff Ph.D.

Stephanie Seneff of M.I.T. may well be the world's top expert on glyphosate, now giving us an entire book on the world's most prevalent toxin. Not only is glyphosate used as a weedkiller, it's also sprayed worldwide to dry core crops before harvesting (grains, beans and legumes, corn, sugar cane and beets).  It's in rainwater and the air we breathe, and it greatly disrupts the gut, causing our tight junctions to open as soon as it's ingested. The result is a cascade of modern diseases, including digestive and autoimmune issues, neurodegeneration, liver disease, depression and anxiety.  Learn about all this and what you can do to protect your health.

Price: $25.00


The Invisible Rainbow / Arthur Firstenberg

A most remarkable scrutiny of the birth of electricity into modern life -- our militaries, industries and homes.  We take electricity for granted, thinking nothing of its constant presence in our bedrooms and its proximity to our bodies. In this bestselling and wonderfully written book, journalist-scientist Arthur Firstenberg tells a completely different story of electricity, starting in the 18th century and revealing how many of our current ailments are fundamentally related to electrical pollution.

A fascinating must read!

Price: $25.00


Cracking the Code / Pete Hendrickson

Cracking the CodeIf you've wondered about income tax, here's the book that will show you - gently and firmly - how and why we've all been led astray. These are the findings of Pete Hendrickson who carefully scrutinized the entire Internal Revenue Code for all definitions of its various key words and concepts. The research is thus done for you, but it remains up to you to understand the reality - and use it. Applying this exceptional resource, many have received full refunds of all withholdings time and time again. The statutes are not faulty - it's our interpretation of them that is. Highly recommended, but not an easy read!

Price: $33.00


Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order / Patrick Wood

Technocracy The Hard RoadEsteemed researcher Patrick Wood's new book explains how the term "sustainable" as we now hear it came to be.  United Nations programs like 2030 Agenda are designed to displace capitalism and free enterprise as the world's main economic system.  A "resource based" economy is being born, by which all resources, all production and all consumption will be tightly controlled, leaving us in the clutches of none other than a scientific dictatorship. Wood gets into surveillance, crypto currencies and the dawning cashless society, as well as the highly manipulated "spiritual" aspect of sustainable development.  Once you read this, you'll have the tools you need to explain away the promised Utopia!

Price: $25.00


Unwind / Cary Farley

Unwind CDA beautiful, inspired 60-minute instrumental piece by Northern Californian guitarist Cary Farley. Perfect for driving, massage, walks, rumination or just plain background. This is an unusual composition, not overly placid or New Age - try it! (Item may arrive in different packaging/case)

Price: $13.00


Ground Zero CD

Ground Zero CDSoundtrack of the popular documentary "911 Mysteries." Original music (composed by S. Baker and E. Bien), expanded with extra tracks not included in the film for a flowing listening experience.

Price: $13.00


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