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Shots Fired / Shannon Rowan

This is a Big Book, a very handy book to have -- a comprehensive history of vaccines and allopathic medicine, exposing the path of fraud, corruption and statistics manipulation by our government and its regulatory agencies to create the medical tyranny we live under today.  From injecting mere toxins back in the day to stealth nanotech today, vaccines have become genetic bioweapons in the hands of transhumanist forces most people know nothing about.

Through 700-plus pages (with over 60 pages of endnotes) the author exposes and unveils what has really been going on, citing news pieces and keeping pace with world developments and their enforcers.  It's eye-opening, extremely thorough and very readable -- wave this volume at disbelieving friends and neighbors to prove you know what you're talking about!

Price: $32



WiFi Refugee / Shannon Rowan

We think electrically sensitive people, whose numbers are rapidly increasing, have an unfortunate physiological weakness ... BUT in fact they have a gift.  Like the canaries that miners carried into coal mines, EHS people warn us of pending doom (did you know canaries need more oxygen than other creatures, and would stop singing when starved of it, eventually dying in the cage?  This is how the miners knew they were in trouble.)

Subtitled Plight of the Modern-Day Canary, this thoroughly researched book includes plenty of information you probably don't know, as well as the personal stories of those who suddenly found themselves unable to tolerate their surroundings due to physical issues that seemed to manifest out of the blue. The wireless world can strike anyone down at any time. A great read with wonderful flow, by an author who has lived a story that many more of us might someday have to tell.

Price: $27.00 



The Invisible Rainbow / Arthur Firstenberg

A most remarkable scrutiny of the birth of electricity into modern life -- our militaries, industries and homes.  We take electricity for granted, thinking nothing of its constant presence in our bedrooms and its proximity to our bodies. In this bestselling and wonderfully written book, journalist-scientist Arthur Firstenberg tells a completely different story of electricity, starting in the 18th century and revealing how many of our current ailments are fundamentally related to electrical pollution.

A fascinating must read!

Price: $25.00



The Mitochondriac Manifesto / R.D. Lee

A tremendous new book resulting from a deep dive into the work of Dr. Jack Kruse, Doug Wallace, Gerald Pollack, Zach Bush and others. The author spent years on this project, adding new insights, many of which are his own.

"The Mitochondriac Manifesto answers a whole lot of questions dumbfounding orthodox medicine to this day.  I've searched far and wide to find the healing know-how that belongs in our books, our wellness practices and our homes."
Here it is, and you won't regret the time you spend with it!    Five stars *****

 Price: $42.00



Gut Brain Secrets / R.D. Lee

Another fantastic work by the author of The Mitochondriac Manifesto (also sold here).  Gut Brain Secrets, the work of many years of research and writing, compiles information from top-level experts (including Zach Bush, Natasha Campbell-McBride, Gary Samuelson, Elaine Ingham) explaining in this author's unique but comprehensive style just how friendly internal bacteria nourish and protect your health, while a corrupted gut or disordered microbiome is the root cause of our autoimmune issues, food sensitivities, and modern-day diseases in general.

You will learn and retain information in ways you never expected to ...

Price: $42.00 hardcover 



Cause Unknown / Edward Dowd

This wonderful compilation by former Wall Street health analyst Edward Dowd is a coffee-table hardcover everyone should have on display.  Consisting mainly of graphics in the form of news headlines (replete with color photos and QR codes for verification), Dowd leads the reader to the nuts-and-bolts question that everyone should be asking, but isn't: Why have so many people in their prime of life died suddenly and inexplicably in the past two years?

A keeper and a must-have, not to be missed. Seriously.

Price: $30.00 hardcover



Toxic Legacy / Stephanie Seneff Ph.D.

Stephanie Seneff of M.I.T. may well be the world's top expert on glyphosate, now giving us an entire book on the world's most prevalent toxin. Not only is glyphosate used as a weedkiller, it's also sprayed worldwide to dry core crops before harvesting (grains, beans and legumes, corn, sugar cane and beets).  It's in rainwater and the air we breathe, and it greatly disrupts the gut, causing our tight junctions to open as soon as it's ingested. The result is a cascade of modern diseases, including digestive and autoimmune issues, neurodegeneration, liver disease, depression and anxiety.  Learn about all this and what you can do to protect your health.

Price: $20.00



Ground Zero CD

Ground Zero CDSoundtrack of the popular documentary "911 Mysteries." Original music (composed by S. Baker and E. Bien), expanded with extra tracks not included in the film for a flowing listening experience.

Price: $13.00




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