What has happened to us since we stopped walking the earth barefoot? Plenty, and degenerative disease is close to the top of the list. Add to that our appetite for fats and carbs, sleeplessness, stress, and sludgy blood.

Yet there's a workaround offered by indoor life, one that's surprising but seems to work! In recent decades, wall outlets come with a "ground hole," which actually connects to the earth itself. Put a pin in this hole, add a conductive cord, and bring it against your skin -- you are now grounding, or receiving free electron transfer from the ground.

Those who sleep while grounding report more restfulness, vivid dreams, lowered anxiety, less pain and stiffness, greater energy and more overall relaxation and happiness. Earthing or personal grounding products are becoming more popular and widely used, in spite of "plugging into the wall." Do this with knowledge and certain precautions, and you too might notice a difference in health and well-being!

Read the descriptions of the items below and select what might work for you. We offer customization and direction by way of tutorials or consultation: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

* Be sure to read our detailed flyer on personal grounding here.

Organic Cotton Grounding Pad

NEW!  A soft cotton grounding pad (also referred to as "earthing") to be used while sleeping or in a sedentary position (e.g., working, reading). The pad must be in contact with bare skin for effectivity. Made of 91% organic cotton (international certification) with 9% silver content.  Comes with a snap-fastener 14-foot cable with grounding pin that goes into the ground hole of your wall outlet.

Grounding through an outlet is generally not hazardous, but we recommend using an outlet tester to make sure your outlet has no wiring errors.  Please contact us for further information and a grounding tutorial.  The cable included with this product contains a 100K-Ohm resistor for added safety (cable with no resistance is available as an option).  We recommend setting up a grounding tutorial by phone (no charge) and educating yourself on how grounding works and what it does (see info here).

Organic cotton/silver grounding pad, 23x14 inches   $75

Optional cable without resistance available: generally safe but use at your own risk.

*** Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a FREE GROUNDING TUTORIAL by phone ($50 value). Grounding has amazing benefits, but one needs to know how to be smart about doing it indoors.  Walking barefoot outdoors is the natural way to ground, by the way!  Download our flyer here (tri-fold, begin reading at top right, go to page 2, finish on page 1 top left).



Grounding Bedstrip

Tuck fabric ends of bedstrip under mattress

Sleep grounded across the width of your bed!  The grounding bedstrip should be placed where your bare skin will be against it during the night, and will ground two people sleeping in one bed. The 6-inch-wide strip connects to the ground hole of a wall outlet by a cable. Less obtrusive than the cotton grounding pad above, with the ends tucked tightly under your mattress you'll barely know it's there.

Your choice of silver/nylon mesh or cotton/stainless steel -- both are washable.  (70% cotton/30% stainless steel is machine washable and very durable; wash silver bedstrip by hand in distilled water.) NOTE: Queen and King silver bedstrips may be made of silver/rayon; we are trying out this fabric.


Cable available with 100K Ohm resistance for added safety (slower electron transfer) or without resistance (generally safe but use at your own risk). Advised: Test your outlet(s) with an outlet tester for proper wiring.






** Select your grounding cable/cord based on the distance of the wall outlet to your bed.  Cords with resistance transfer electrons more slowly, but offer protection against issues with your ground (not usual, but possible). Cord with built-in fuse is a new option. If you need help selecting a cord type, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Grounding Cookie

Desk grdGround at your desk or walking around in your kitchen!A small carbon grounding "cookie" against your skin does the trick. Connected to a cord of any length, you can now work while grounding without removing shoes and socks, and be grounded while cooking or doing other tasks.

Select the type of cable or cord you prefer (with or without resistance) and the length you need. Cords can be connected to one another for extra length (select modular option, which comes with a connector).

Advised:  Always test your outlet(s) for proper wiring. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free grounding tutorial with any purchase. 

Carbon cookies are available in 3- or 4-inch size (4-inch works better for larger bodies). Note: 3-inch cookies out of stock until January.

** The cord selection (order dropdown) is confusing! To use the grounding cookie, you must be connected to an outlet with a "leash" (cord). Some cords come with ground pins, some need grounding plugs. Some have resistance, some don't. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help with your selection (place an order for a cookie and we wlll help you select a cord that best fits your needs.






Ground Your Pet? It's Possible

This cat found the grounding cookie and planted
his paws on it, not once but often

The stainless-steel fabric mat (below) is easily
washable--try it in a dog bed!

Cotton-Steel Grounding Mat

Grounding feetGround at your desk with this cotton/stainless-steel fabric mat under your bare feet. Choose your cable with or without resistance.  With resistance means a 100K-Ohm resistor is built into the cable, greatly slowing the transfer of the earth's natural electrons, but adding a measure of electrical protection from your outlet. Without resistance allows faster transfer of electrons, better for short grounding stints (use at your own risk).  See Grounding Cookie above for alternative to bare feet.


23x14 inches, washable and long-lasting  $45  (mat only)

Note our cable without resistance with built-in resetting fuse for surge protection.






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