Restore: Gut Microbiome Formula

Restore bottlesWe are proud to bring you Restore from Biomic Sciences, LLC — a liquid formula created by Dr. Zach Bush, based on his groundbreaking discovery of carbon redox molecules in pristine desert soil that have been reactivated such that they repair our tight junctions (gaps between cells) in our gut membrane. Leaky gut affects the entire American population, thanks to toxins that surround us and, particularly, the chemical compound glyphosate, which is present even in rainfall and air today.

The gut microbiome is the internal interface between the world and our immune system, and the failure of its cell junctions, according to Dr. Bush, is the beginning of all disease. For instance: Asthma is not a disease of the lungs — it's a disease of the gut, expressed by the lungs, says Dr. Bush. Realizing that compromised health begins in the gut is novel to most of us, and yet, the clinically tested effects of Restore repeatedly bear this out. Try a bottle yourself! (Restore must be taken on an ongoing basis, says Dr. Bush, as environmental toxins, and particularly glyphosate, are continually present in our lives.)

16-oz. bottle (1-month supply) $50 

32-oz. bottle (2-month supply) $70

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ION*Gut Health for Cats and Dogs

Biomic Sciences (now called ION*Biome) has developed a version of Restore Gut Microbiome Formula for feline and canine microbiomes. People have been giving "human" Restore to their pets with good results, we've learned, but here is a version tailored specially for cats and dogs, that helps to shield them from food toxins, supporting digestion, kidney function and healthy skin.

Please note that Restore for people will soon be called ION*Biome -- a change in brand name, but exactly the same remarkable product!

16-oz. bottle  $50

Nascent Iodine 2%

The mineral your body needs the most!

Magnascent iodineAn essential nutrient for proper thyroid function, one that most people are deficient in.  Nascent iodine is monatomic (with single atoms), resulting in a product that is readily bio-available. Additionally, Magnascent iodine is electromagnetically treated to create an extra orbital electron, making it even more bio-available and, for many, worth the extra money (see our $20 nascent iodine below).

Iodine is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and helps to alkalinize our system. Every cell needs iodine, yet although it is naturally occurring, we live in an age that has made it hard to come by dietarily. Iodine's periodic-table cousins (bromine, fluorine and chlorine, classed as the halogens) are all too prevalent in our lives, impeding and displacing iodine in the body.

Unfortunately, iodine as a supplement has been widely misunderstood in recent decades, and our notable lack of it (this has quadrupled in America in the last 20 years) may play a big role in many current health disorders.

Nascent iodine 2%

1-oz. bottle $37

 This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Ask your health-care provider for more information, or read Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It by David Brownstein, MD.

Nascent Iodine Glycerine-Base

Nascent iodine glycerine-baseThere are some who prefer a non-alcohol iodine base, and here it is. Formulated by a biochemist, this nascent iodine can go straight on the tongue or be diluted in water, and is contained in a non-GMO vegetable glycerine base.  Very easy to use, and has a sweet taste, so be prepared for that.

Iodine is an essential nutrient for proper thyroid and general systemic function.

1-oz. bottle  $20

 This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Ask your health-care provider for more information, or read Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It by David Brownstein, MD.

Lugol's Iodine

Lugol's Iodine PlusLugol's iodine is potassium iodide, and has been used as a supplement for many decades. This 2% Lugol's formulation includes fulvic acid - an important aid for better nutrient absorption. A 2-ounce bottle, often used in combination with nascent iodine. (Potassium iodide, or KI, takes longer for the body to use than nascent or single-atom iodine; combining both kinds allows a later-in-the-day iodine "release" when the body breaks down the KI molecule into its separate components.)

2-oz. bottle $23.00

 This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Ask your health-care provider for more information, or read Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It by David Brownstein, MD.

Ionic Magnesium

Ionic liquid magnesiumIonic magnesium is a liquid magnesium concentrate you can take as a daily supplement.  The dropper delivers 50 milligrams of magnesium (add to water, slightly citrus-tasting); nothing artificial, non-GMO; with fulvic (an organic soil compound) for better absorption.  Taken orally, magnesium can encourage relaxation and reduce stress, but its most valuable function is to de-acidify or alkalinize the body.  Very important for heart and cellular environment.

A good companion to our many forms of topical magnesium (also on this page)!

4-oz. bottle  $38.00


Mg2+ Magnesium Cream

Magnesium creamOur body needs magnesium as much as it needs iodine (see Health tab). An electrolyte that serves as a mediator in many biochemical processes, magnesium also relaxes tissues, alleviating muscle and joint pain. Essential for proper neurological functionality, the most effective uptake method for magnesium is transdermal, or through the skin.

This particular magnesium cream contains rich and penetrating emollients. Made with magnesium chloride from the ancient Zechstein sea, it doesn't sting (as does saturated magnesium oil), and it feels and smells wonderful! Use liberally, on sore joints and muscles - or anywhere - and your body will appreciate it. (With grapeseed and coconut oils, shea butter, beeswax and 14% magnesium chloride.)

3-ounce tube $10

4-ounce jar $13

8-ounce jar $24 


Magnesium Chloride Spray and Gel

Magnesium chloride sprayPopular as a pain-relief remedy for sore muscles and stiff joints, magnesium chloride spray (a.k.a. magnesium "oil") is a 33% brine (saturated solution) that also transfers essential magnesium into your body. A great way to supplement oral magnesium, and topical/transdermal application also delivers magnesium's muscle-relaxing effect exactly where you want it. Anti-microbial, you can also use this as an inexpensive and extremely efficient underarm deodorant (will sting on the days you shave)!

Try our new magnesium chloride gel! Simply formulated using a natural cellulose as the gel base, this 33% magnesium-chloride concentration dries quickly, contains no oils and can also be used as an underarm deodorant (not recommended after shaving). Use liberally to relax muscles and combat stiffness and pain.

8-ounce spray $16

8-ounce gel $18


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