Restore: Gut Microbiome Formula

Restore bottlesWe are proud to bring you Restore from Biomic Sciences, LLC — a liquid formula created by Dr. Zach Bush, based on his groundbreaking discovery of carbon redox molecules in pristine desert soil that have been reactivated such that they repair our tight junctions (gaps between cells) in our gut membrane. Leaky gut affects the entire American population, thanks to toxins that surround us and, particularly, the chemical compound glyphosate, which is present even in rainfall and air today.

The gut microbiome is the internal interface between the world and our immune system, and the failure of its cell junctions, according to Dr. Bush, is the beginning of all disease. For instance: Asthma is not a disease of the lungs — it's a disease of the gut, expressed by the lungs, says Dr. Bush. Realizing that compromised health begins in the gut is novel to most of us, and yet, the clinically tested effects of Restore repeatedly bear this out. Try a bottle yourself! (Restore must be taken on an ongoing basis, says Dr. Bush, as environmental toxins, and particularly glyphosate, are continually present in our lives.)

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Restore for Gut Biome


16 oz. $50
32 oz. $70
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