We live in a chemical age that is rapidly obliterating natural ways of keeping clean, not just for our bodies but our surroundings too.  Below are products loved for their simpleness and effectiveness, without long ingredient lists of manmade compounds. Some are even created by our friends! Brett Thomas's hand-made bath soaps are his pride and joy, well worth the price and rich with moisturizers and essential oils (see Sun & Skin page for his soaps). Try Brett's linseed oil multi-use home cleaner if you ever used Murphy's oil soap and miss the original formula.  A capful of Himalayan soapberry extract washes your colored clothes and leaves them super-soft; Christine's castile soap laundry powder is wonderful for both colors and whites.

MENTHOL CRYSTALS! Highly recommended. If you've never used these for relief of sniffles or congestion, or just to open your airways and refresh yourself, give them a try! Made of 100% peppermint oil, put them in a sachet and keep near your pillow in bed for an antibacterial whiff or two before you go to sleep. Also good to scatter to repel bugs or ants, or diffuse in a room to get rid of odors. And check out our full-spectrum LED light bulbs -- vision- and mood-friendly, unlike the ones you buy in stores which confuse your body rhythms and metabolism.

Menthol Crystals

Derived from peppermint oil, menthol crystals have been used since ancient times for health benefits. Once you take a whiff, you won't want to do without them!  Their pungent scent opens your airways -- tie some in a cloth sachet and keep handy to inhale for quick congestion relief. Peppermint is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory: apply sachet briefly to insect bites or minor itchy skin irritations, or use some in a foot soak for achy, swollen feet.

Menthol crystals can also be scattered in cupboards to clear odors, or vaporized in a diffuser to freshen rooms (please study up on this; close room entirely and do not access while diffusing).

7-ounce jar, with muslin sachet   $22

7-ounce jar, 4 sachets, room diffuser with timer  $50



Castile Soap Laundry Powder

Castile soap and laundry powder

A wonderful 100% natural laundry product made from finely ground castile soap, baking soda, borax and washing soda.  Great for whites or colors; can be used in HE, front- and top-loading machines.  Only one tablespoon needed for ordinary loads (use more for large or soiled loads).  Your clothes will smell fantastic -- very, very clean!

Our special tip!  Add a tablespoon of Miracle 2 liquid soap (see below) to your wash along with the laundry powder

1-pound box  $12
2-pound bag  $20



Linseed-Oil Whole House Concentrate

Remember Murphy's Oil Soap -- the brown liquid that you added to a bucket and cleaned the whole house with?  This is soapmaker Brett Thomas's version of a thick all-purpose household soap you can dilute 60:1.  Made from raw organic linseed oil with natural pine rosin for lather, you can use it by the teaspoon or make a 15:1 concentrate to keep on hand; dilute further as needed.  Bring that old-fashioned clean-soap smell back into your home! Click here for package label.

10-ounce jar  $25




Miracle 2 Liquid Soap

Miracle 2 liquid soapWith a staunch following for over 30 years, Miracle 2 liquid soap can be used in all kinds of creative ways - dishes, carpets, countertops, toilets, tubs, showers, sinks...and it makes a great personal-care soap and shampoo as well! Consider diluting it for household uses: fill your spray bottles and give it a whirl! "Because it gets everything so clean," a dedicated user explained...

22-ounce bottle $22



Full Spectrum LED Light Bulbs

LED bulb 1Finally, a healthy LED light bulb that's not only full spectrum, but also flicker-free, electrically efficient, silent, with a super-long life and virtually no EMFs or harmonics.  Conventional LEDs produce lots of dirty electricity, but not this one!  85% more efficient than incandescents, good for both your mood and eyes.  9W, equivalent of conventional 60W.

Great gifts for winter days in northern latitudes or under cloudy skies!

Available in Very Bright White (4000 Kelvin) or Warmer, More Yellow (2700 Kelvin)

LED spotlightalso as Recessed Spotlight (2700K only, 12W, standard 4-inch diameter)

Regular bulb
$12   Spotlight $14

IMPORTANT - SPOTLIGHTS:  These spotlights may not perform well if used with dimmer switches. Dimmers (rheostats) cause dirty electricity, which can affect the performance of these bulbs.  Better just to try a couple of the spotlights before you order a lot of them.  We will gladly take returns in original manufacturer's packaging.
** When testing these spotlights on your circuit, do not combine with other bulbs or spotlights. 






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