Mrs. Hamilton's Kitchen and Bath Cleaners

Mrs. Hamilton's cleanersFrom a very small producer, these all-natural, extremely fresh-smelling household cleaners might quickly become your favorites. Non-toxic and alcohol-free, just spray and wipe for quick deodorizing and cleaning. Made with organic tea-tree and essential oils, vinegar, distilled water and great care! Available in Lemon and Lavender scents, with an additional 8-ounce concentrate for refills. Glass container with sturdy spray pump.

4-oz. refillable spray bottle LAVENDER $8

8-oz. refillable spray bottle LEMON $12

8-oz. concentrate (makes 1/2 gallon) $20 


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Restore for Gut Biome


16 oz. $50
32 oz. $70
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Ergonomic G-Seat

G-seat regular

Get comfortable, relieve pain, put your spine in proper alignment!

Ultra or Regular sizes
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