Pure Castile Soap and Laundry Powder

Castile soap and laundry powderA high-lather, creamy 100% natural soap made from organic vegetable oils. No perfume or additives, has a lovely soapy scent. Great for sensitive skin; use on hands, face and entire body.

Also try our 100% natural laundry powder from the same soapmaker! A mix of finely ground castile soap, baking soda, borax and washing soda, this gentle product is great for whites or colors, and can be used in HE, front- and top-loading machines. Only one tablespoon needed for ordinary loads (use more for large or soiled loads).

Soap bar (5 oz. bar)  $7

Laundry powder (1-pound package)  $10


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Restore for Gut Biome


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32 oz. $70
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Ergonomic G-Seat

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