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A lot of people will tell you they don't like sunscreen, even though we're cautioned to use it all the time.  However, the reality is that commercial sunscreens are extremely dangerous, full of petrochemicals, nano-particles, and titanium oxide (a heavy metal).  The spray-on form you see people slathering their children with is alcohol based and highly flammable.

Below is a sunscreen product formulated by a Stanford-trained biochemist whose specialty is dermatology.  It is a physical mineral sunscreen, containing body-friendly zinc oxide, and not in nano-particle form.  Its rich carrier emollients are actually food-grade, blending the sunscreen nicely into your skin.

The skin is the body's biggest mouth.  The stuff you put on it gets quickly absorbed, especially if it is nano-sized.  Contrary to popular belief, the majority of chemicals are not tested and approved before being used in everyday products.  Consider the dyes, fillers and perfumes in commercial detergents, leaving residues that invariably end up on our skin, to say nothing of polluting our world when they run down the drain.  So check out our 100% organic, biodegradable Himalayan soapberries -- fantastic natural alternative to laundry detergent! You'll be amazed at how well they wash your clothes!

We pride ourselves in "staying healthy" without understanding how full of toxins so many conventional products are.  In fact, notes the biochemist who made the Kabana line (below), "Just one ounce of commercial sunscreen is enough to undo years of organic eating!"  Think about that before you run off to the beach or the golf course!

Also check out Kabana Magnesium Cream (scroll down) -- five stars for this one!

Hand-Crafted Bar Soaps

Introducing creamy hand-made soaps by Brett Thomas of Sonoma, CA ... each one developed and refined over many years.  Amazingly moisturizing, quite heavenly to use.  Rotate the bars and they will last much longer (drying out between use).  We will carry a wide variety of these fantastic soap bars over time, so come back to re-order and try something new!

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Castile Soap Laundry Powder

Castile soap and laundry powderA wonderful 100% natural laundry product made from finely ground castile soap, baking soda, borax and washing soda.  Great for whites or colors; can be used in HE, front- and top-loading machines.  Only one tablespoon needed for ordinary loads (use more for large or soiled loads).  Your clothes will smell fantastic -- very, very clean!

1-pound bag  $11
2-pound bag  $18


Bali Bloc Organic Surfscreen

Bali Bloc SurfscreenMade from just four ingredients (food grade too), Bali Bloc is a heavy-duty sunscreen stick.  Bali Bloc is SPF 30, rugged enough to throw in the back of a truck, and extremely water-resistant.  100% organic, a simple 4-ingredient mix of coconut oil, beeswax, zinc oxide and real vanilla -- it smells incredible! Non-nano; no phthalates, use on lips if you need to.

Apply thick or thin -- then rub with fingers to blend into skin.

3.7 ounce Bali Vanilla stick $18

Magnesium Chloride Spray or Gel

Magnesium chloride sprayPopular as a pain-relief remedy for sore muscles and stiff joints, magnesium chloride spray (a.k.a. magnesium "oil") is a 33% brine (saturated solution) that also transfers essential magnesium into your body. A great way to supplement oral magnesium, and topical/transdermal application also delivers magnesium's muscle-relaxing effect exactly where you want it. Anti-microbial, you can also use this as an inexpensive and extremely efficient underarm deodorant (will sting on the days you shave)!

Try our new magnesium chloride gel! Simply formulated using a natural cellulose as the gel base, this 33% magnesium-chloride concentration dries quickly, contains no oils and can also be used as an underarm deodorant (not recommended after shaving). Use liberally to relax muscles and combat stiffness and pain.

8-ounce spray $16

3-ounce gel tube $10

8-ounce gel $18


Mg2+ Magnesium Cream

Magnesium creamOur body needs magnesium as much as it needs iodine (see Health tab). An electrolyte that serves as a mediator in many biochemical processes, magnesium also relaxes tissues, alleviating muscle and joint pain. Essential for proper neurological functionality, the most effective uptake method for magnesium is transdermal, or through the skin.

This particular magnesium cream contains rich and penetrating emollients. Made with magnesium chloride from the ancient Zechstein sea, it doesn't sting (as does saturated magnesium oil), and it feels and smells wonderful! Use liberally, on sore joints and muscles - or anywhere - and your body will appreciate it. (With grapeseed and coconut oils, shea butter, beeswax and 14% magnesium chloride.)

3-ounce tube $10

4-ounce jar $14

8-ounce jar $25 - Temporarily out of stock


Magnesium Deodorant

Magnesium deodorantA very basic, very effective way to control odor and supply vital magnesium to your body! Magnesium chloride is anti-microbial, unscented and non-staining, and applied under the arms works fabulously as a deodorant. Over time, users report "not smelling at all," as regular use changes the underarm biome such that odor-causing bacteria simply stay away!

3-ounce liquid roll-on $11

Aleppo Laurel Soap

A fragrant soap hand-made from olive oil and laurel in the tradition of Aleppo, Syria.  A simple, chunky bar that lasts a long time and is creamy and fresh on the skin. 

5-ounce bar  $7

Miracle 2 Original Soap

Miracle 2 Original soapA very versatile soap/shampoo with a 30-year history - great for sensitive skin or anyone who likes that super-clean feeling! Miracle 2 (or II) has become legendary, and devotees use it for nearly everything, including dishes, carpets and pets. It lathers like crazy...seems to work better than commercial shampoo; super gentle, soothes dry, chapped skin and many recurrent skin conditions (e.g., eczema). See "Miracle II testimonials" on the Internet to learn more; there are other products in the line but the fantastic original liquid soap is what we offer here.

22-ounce bottle $22

Olivander Body Lotion

Olive oil body lotionA light all-over lotion with a green, earthy scent ("olivander"), made of 100% natural ingredients. These include extra-virgin olive oil, olive leaf extract, aloe vera gel, avocado oil and shea butter. Also available unscented.

8-oz. bottle $18 


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